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On this page you see our very special offers. That are all nice bargains... sometimes some pieces which are left over..... or we want to offer you a specail bargain.... Most of the items are just one time on stock and are not repeatable.... The offers can be seen and bought only online.

Turmalin Cabochon Tropfen, pink ca.11zoomTurmalin Cabochon Tropfen, pink ca.11Turmalin Cabochon Tropfen, pink ca.11

Turmalin Cabochon Tropfen, pink ca.11

ID: 6255
Karneol Cabochon oval ca.10x14mm, mehr Details: klick Turmalin Cabochon Tropfen, pink ca.11, mehr Details: klick Turmalin Cabochon oval, grün ca.8x10mm, mehr Details: klick Aquamarin Cabochon Rechteck ca.13x15,5mm, mehr Details: klick Turmalin rund facettiert gelb ca.9mm, mehr Details: klick
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